Albutom Vineyard

“This is a small vineyard and planted almost as an afterthought. We had already planted the big Chardonnay vineyards (Damiana and Langley Hill) and, I think, the one Pinot Noir vineyard at the top of the hill. Someone- it may have been Martella or one of the Varner brothers (Jim and Bob Varner) suggested we plant this half-acre too. I think maybe we were originally going to plant this to Pinot too, but in the end we planted Chardonnay. It got the name “Albutom” as in “All-but-Tom” because in those days we just had groups of friends over and had “planting parties” and I planned one to get this vineyard going. As I remember it, I was called in to the hospital the day of planting and couldn’t be there. Someone, maybe more than one person, started the rumor that I had just skipped out to watch a ballgame on TV. It was a long time ago, so I can neither confirm or refute this story… The wine is amazingly distinct from the wine grown right next to it (Portola Springs Vineyard). It’s very earthy and not quite as lean as the Portola Springs. We don’t bottle it individually every vintage, but when we do we make about 40 cases.”
—Dr. Thomas Fogarty

Technical Notes

Year Planted: 1981
Elevation: 1930 ft.
Size: 0.33 acres
Exposure: Eastern, very steep
Soils: Lambert Shale
Clone: Clone 4
Rootstock: AxR1
Vine Spacing: 6′ vines x 10′ rows

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