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The Fogarty Winery Tasting Room
The Fogarty Tasting Room is a great place to taste wine, enjoy some great views, and make the acquaintance of our tasting room staff, who are happy to show you the full range of our wines. You might even make some new friends while you're here.

thomas fogarty winery tasting room

We offer two tasting flights to choose from:

  • Thomas Fogarty "Signature Reserve" Tasting
    Experience 5 of our most sought after, limited-production flagship wines
    for $18.00.
  • Thomas Fogarty "Criterion" Tasting
    The standard by which all of our wines are judged. Experience 5 of our most popular Estate and non-Estate wines for $14.00.
Tasting Room Hours:
Monday 12 noon - 4 pm
Wednesday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Private Group Tastings & Special Events
Our tasting room is available for special events and private tastings. Please email or call us at 650-851-6777 for more information.
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Really enjoy visiting our Tasting Room?
Join our wine club. You support local farmers, you get awesome wine, free tastings for two every time you visit, great discounts and free/special pricing for admission to wine club events. Ask your wine pourer for details.

Fogarty Winery Tasting Room Directions
DO NOT use GPS, Apple Maps, Google Maps,etc., to find your way here. These services, while excellent in the flat-lands, can be problematic in the mountains. Use these directions to get here safely.

Wine Tasting 101
Are you a first-time tasting room visitor, or wine lover who wants to learn more about wine? A good place to start is with the proper wine-tasting technique. The following steps will help you develop your palate, and increase your appreciation, knowledge, and enjoyment of wine.

  1. Pour a little wine into your glass. If you're tasting whites and reds, start with the white wines, then move down the menu. Your pourer will guide you along the right path.
  2. Color. Tilt the glass to observe the wine's color and to get an idea of the wine's age. White wines can gain deeper hues as they age; red wines tend to lose color.
  3. Swirl the wine around, holding the glass by the stem, to areate the wine and release its aromas.
  4. Sniff the wine by tilting and holding the glass up to your nose. It's not necessary to actually inhale the wine itself; just let the aromas fill your nose. Different varietals give off different aromas; what do you smell?
  5. Sip the wine so that you can appreciate the full flavors; different parts of your toungue will register different tastes; the sides of your mouth will register the tannins in red wines.
  6. What do you taste? Is the wine dry or sweet? Do you taste the same things you smell? Are the flavors balanced? How is the mouth-feel?
  7. Most important: Do you like it? Everyone's palate is different -- when you taste wine, try to visualize it with your favorite food, as a gift for friends, or as something to be cellared and enjoyed many years from now

Wine Tasting Etiquette

It's perfectly fine to spit your wine into the dump bucket.

Feel free to sip a little water or eat a cracker between tastings in order to cleanse your palate.

Allow your wine pourer to rinse your glass with a little wine (not water) between tastings. Rinsing with water actually dilutes the next pour — we want you to enjoy your wine to the fullest.

We look forward to your visit. Cheers!


Frequently Asked Wine Tasting Questions

How Does a Tasting Work?
When you visit the Fogarty Tasting Room, you'll be given a menu book that consists of three flights. A wine flight is basically a sample tasting of four-to-five wines.Your Wine Specialist will describe the wines to you and discuss the back-story behind each varietal.

Once you choose your flight, your Wine Specialist will pour you a sample taste of each wine on the menu that you've chosen. A typical pour is 1.5 ounces. A typical 5-wine flight adds up to six-to-seven ounces of wine.

Can I Order A Glass or Bottle of Wine?
Yes, you may consume wine by the bottle or glass on our outside patio. We don't allow consumption by the glass or bottle inside the tasting room.
We do not serve wines by the glass or bottle after 4:30 pm.

Can We Bring Food?
Yes, you are welcome to bring food to eat on the patio just outside the tasting room. Food is not allowed in the tasting room. If you are a wine club member, you are welcome to enjoy the members-only tables by our pond. Please request a pond key from your tasting room associate.

Can We Bring Pets?
We have a no pets policy in our tasting room, for, as adorable as your animal must be, some tasters will have allergies, or simply not appreciate an animal in the tasting room.  Animals must be tied securely outside the tasting room. If you need water for your pet, just ask!

Are You Child-Friendly?
We are child-friendly, but we request that you bring some books or an iPad for them to play with while you're enjoying our wine. This will be greatly appreciated by our staff, our guests, and your children. Trust us on this one.

Do You Ship Wine?
We ship wine to most states that allow direct shipping of wine. We require that an adult of legal drinking age be present when the wine is delivered.

My State Doesn't Allow Direct Shipping. Can You Help?
If you live in a state that doesn't allow direct shipping of wine, we are happy to pack your wines so you can check them in as baggage. We also sell bubble-wrapped "wine skins" so you can pack a few bottles in your suitcase.

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